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The Indy Biz Pass will provide 100 Black-owned businesses annually with an all-access pass to the three coworking locations – Maven Spacebon the northside of Indianapolis, P30 on the far east side, and Speakeasy in the Meridian-Kessler area. Business owners can use meeting and conference rooms, training facilities, and mail service, including monthly creative suite hours. Business owners will also enjoy access year-round, seven days per week

  1. Black Solopreneurs
  2. $40K of revenue in the last year
  3. Completed (not just enrolled) in a business development or support program offered in Central Indiana. This can be a more complex one-day event. It needs to be more extensive to help ensure only dedicated and driven owners are part of the program to ensure maximum impact.
  4. For new coworkers.not currently a member or have been a member at a coworking space in the last 12 months

We can refer you to a program, and you will have a spot with the Indy Biz Pass upon completion.

Accepted Business owners will pay $20 monthly or $180 for the year upfront. You can make payments by clicking on PAY NOW

12 months from the day they complete the orientation

Once a business owner is referred: 

    1. A congratulatory confirmation email will be sent.
    2. An invitation to attend on of our onboarding orientation meetings will be sent.
    3. Indy Biz Pass businesses must attend 6 power networking sessions a year. 

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