Indy Biz Pass: Your Path to Growth and Wealth Generation

Empowering Black Businesses in Indianapolis

Welcome to Indy Biz Pass, the first comprehensive initiative dedicated to connecting Black business owners in Central Indiana with the resources, services, and support they need to achieve sustainable growth and generate wealth. We understand the unique challenges faced by minority entrepreneurs and are committed to breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive, resilient business community.
Overcoming Barriers, Together

Black-owned businesses in Indianapolis often face significant hurdles, including:

Limited access to funding and investment opportunities
Lack of awareness about available resources and support services
Insufficient representation in key business networks and ecosystems
Challenges in securing mentorship and guidance from industry experts

At Indy Biz Pass, we believe that by connecting Black entrepreneurs with the right resources and support, we can help them overcome these barriers and achieve their full potential

 Connecting You with the Resources You Need

Our comprehensive platform connects you with a wide range of resources designed to support your business's growth and success.

Driving Change, One Success Story at a Time

Indy Biz Pass was created in response to a 2020 report that highlighted the disparities in small business ownership and revenue for entrepreneurs of color in Indianapolis. By providing Black business owners with direct access to the resources and support they need to achieve sustainable growth and generate wealth, we aim to level the playing field and create a more equitable, thriving business ecosystem.

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