our mission

Connecting Black Business owners to resources

Navigating the business terrain as a minority entrepreneur can often be an uphill battle. With an understanding of this challenge, InnoPower and Sagamore Institute have joined forces, fortified by support from IAAQLI through LiIy Endowment, to change the narrative for Black business owners in Central Indiana. This initiative is known as the Indy Biz Pass.

The road to entrepreneurial success is filled with obstacles for Black business owners. These hurdles appear at every stage – from the initial ideation and startup to maintenance, scaling, and the eventual exit. They often span economic, market, sociocultural, and institutional contexts, and are frequently tied to the issue of racial discrimination.

The Indy Biz Pass seeks to turn these obstacles into opportunities. By leveraging the vibrant Central Indiana Black Biz ecosystem, it provides a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and resources, aimed at promoting business growth. For entrepreneurs already engaged with any of the partner organizations, qualification for the Indy Biz Pass is automatic, marking the first step towards a more empowered and successful business future.


years Project Duration

Within 2yrs Indy Biz Pass will inspire sustainability with BBO.


Prime Locations

Members can work from any of the 3 locations.


Main City

Spaces are within central indiana for easy access.


Available Slots

200 SMEs will access to creative and safe workspaces with in 2yrs

OUR core values

What we stand for, and believe in.


Indy Biz Pass is dedicated to empowering Black entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools, resources, and support needed to succeed.


In supporting businesses, Indy Biz Pass is committed to promoting practices that ensure long-term economic, social, and environmental sustainability.


Believing in the power of shared ideas and teamwork, Indy Biz Pass encourages mutual assistance, partnership, and collaboration among members.


Indy Biz Pass believes in conducting its operations with the utmost integrity, promoting honesty, transparency, and ethical practices within its community.


Indy Biz Pass aims to create an environment that welcomes and values diverse ideas and backgrounds. Everyone's unique ideas are respected.


As a community centered around entrepreneurship, a core value is the continual pursuit of innovative solutions and ideas addressing major problems.

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